To Write Love On Her Arms

TWLOHA is an amazing organization whose purpose is to make a difference.
They have a section for help, because that would make sense for an organization such as TWLOHA.

My personal relation to this organization is that when I was going through a rough time my friend gave me the link to their website. I read some of the stories on there and it encouraged me. I started noticing the people who were writing love on their arms. This is a truly amazing organization. Click here for their vision and mission statement, but also check out their whole site.



The Butterfly Project

This one is simple. You draw a butterfly on yourself (if you self-harm, or to show support) or your friend (if they self-harm). This is to help remind you that someone loves you and cares and wants you to stop.  You can check out the tumblr, Facebook, or Urban Dictionary for more information.



The Lines Project


So, this one is new, I just heard about it a few days ago. December 15th – 20th you’re supposed to draw six lines on your wrist. If you self-harm, are depressed or have been, you do this on your left wrist. If you are showing your support, you do this on your right wrist.  For more information check out Urban Dictionary or see who is doing it on tumblr.



Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

This happens once a year. Wear red tape (preferably over your mouth) and don’t talk to show your support for life. Sign up on the website.

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