Here lies a list of all the Poetic Story series I have going on this site.  Poetic Stories are stories made by a series of poems.  The first series I did, which is unfortunately not on this site, was called “Poetic Story.”  The ones I do have, however, are as followed, just click the image to get to the page.

A Lost Child

This is a series of poems that all tell the story of one child. So far the poems have no definite order, but things may change as time goes on..

Poems so far: 4

These poems are stories of people and the lives they do not show on a regular basis; the feelings and emotions behind what they do.  Every day people with their every day struggles.  There is no particular order to these poems, enjoy.

Poems so far: 2

Lifeless is a story written with a series of poems I am going to work on… it’s going to be more together and ordered rather than just connected like “A Lost Child” is. I’m not entirely sure where I am going with it, but I have the basic idea…enjoy.

Poems so far: 4

These poems create the story of what is said in the title; An Ex-Self-Harmer.
The truth is, self-harm isn’t uncommon and it needs to end. Most people who don’t do this don’t understand. Maybe this can help. These poems, this story.

Poems so far: 16

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