because they tell us
we aren’t worth anything.


because we can’t stop
what we started.


because we want to forget
and swallow our fate
or feel it flow
through our veins.


because we’re hungry
for beauty
we want to be thin.


because drinking our sorrows
is easier than dealing with them
and our head in the clouds
is better than reality.


because if we hurt ourselves
they can’t hurt us
and we simply
deserve it.


because we want it to end.


because we don’t see life
as a happy endeavour
and things just don’t look up
like they do for everyone else.


because we didn’t want that touch
that so called affection.

And black.
Black because all of these things
are problems we face
things in our lives
choices we make
people who hate
and speak without thought.
Everyone needs to hear
I love you, I care.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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