Walking by.
Thinking for sure.
A confused girl.
Looks so lost.
“Need some help?”
Of course I do.
I just don’t want to ask.
Don’t want to talk.
But I feel so desperate.

I follow your lead.
I know you’re new.
Niether of us are old.
We’re far too young.
Paranoia seeping through.
Sharks, cars and skate boards.
I don’t know you.
You don’t know me.
So why’d we open up?

The fear of letting go.
Realizing it’s bound to happen.
And now you’re gone…
Maybe if I hurry.
Maybe you’re still there.
I guess I wanted a friend.
Someone to talk to.
But now you’re gone.
And I can not find you.

There’s still a hope.
I’ll see you again.
I keep scanning their chatter.
But do you have friends here?
By now you probably do…
After all you talked to me.
All I did was hide my face.
Maybe you just wanted a friend…
But now you’re gone.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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