I’m just on the brink of where I should not be.
I’m right in the midst of where I do not belong.
There’s a pain in my heart that I fear won’t leave.
And I’ve been feeling this way for far too long.

I can not see beyond on my own lost hopes.
I can not reason beyond my own dead dreams.
I feel this feeling like I never will belong.
And I’m pretty sure it’s going to break my seams.

My view on life keeps resurfacing hope.
But only enough to make it feel like it died.
The way I see things makes me want to try.
But in a moment it’s gone and I’ve only tried.

At what point do I break into a million parts?
At what point do I give up on trying alone?
Where do I go when I know I’m through?
Beause right now I feel like I’m as dry as bone.

I feel it deep down like I know there’s some hope.
I feel there’s a reason that I’m at a loss for expression.
There’s got to be more than just this dying essence.
I know there’s a reverse to my subtle regression.

I can feel You linger at the edge of my soul.
I can feel You tug at the strings of my heart.
All I want is to be the light that You shine.
All I need is for You to consume each part.

Burning with the passion of Your forgiving love.
And hoping in the things You’ve not yet shown.
For You to be there every instance that I fall.
To give up to You and not try on my own.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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