Can you feel my heart beating?
I’m not sure how much is left to…
Can you see it’s pitiful beating?
Trying just to survive a little while…

Can you see my heart breaking?
Everything inside it ripped away…
Can you hear the breaking?
Torn apart until anything is lovelier…
Anything is stronger.

Compared to the darkest depths of the earth,
And the emptiest places in any soul,
I think the brokenness of my heart could top them all.
And you wouldn’t even care to know it,
But I swear my heart is the only thing left,
That still beat out an honest beat as it starts to fall.

Say it like you mean it,
Because I’m pretty sure you don’t.
And say it with a little bit of heart.
Oh the irony.
You wouldn’t help me if you knew how.
You’d just watch me fall apart.

I can feel my breathing getting weaker.
I’m just waiting until there’s nothing left.
I can see my breathing getting less frequent.
Until my chest drops and will not rise…
I’m gone.

And as the night set in to claim my life,
With a broken scepter and broken crown,
My heart beat one last beat before giving up,
And threw the world through a brilliant whirlwind,
At dawn.

Because light shines in the darkest places,
And light shines on the loneliest faces.
Broken hearts only have to hurt until they heal,
Empty dreams only have to hurt until they’re real.
And my heart only has to beat alone until I know,
The One who would love me while I’m still this low…


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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