We’re the kids with the colored hair,
Who scream and shout ’cause we don’t care.
We’re the kids all dressed in black.
But we’re the ones who blend on in,
Who won’t stand out in a crowd.
And we’ll never talk behind your back.

You call us emo,
And you call us losers,
You’ll call us normal,
‘Til you see us inside.
You’ll swear you’ll never be,
Anything like any of us.

We’re the ones who shouldn’t get along,
Because we’re so socially different.
But we’re the ones that relate so easily,
Because we’re all in the same mess called life.
We’ve all got our problems and issues the same,
We’re the ones you’ll never give a chance.

You’ll label us before you know us,
Take us for the way we dress,
What we’re into on the outside,
But there’s a side you’ll never guess.
We’re the ones who you could count on,
If you ever needed someone.

But we’re the kids with the colored hair,
The drawings up our arms,
We’re the kids who don’t fit in,
And the kids that blend into the crowd.
We’re all different but you still judge us,
We’re only different on the outside.

Struggling with the same sins,
With the same issues as anoyone else.
We’re just the ones who put it aside,
And have learned to live another day.
We’re the ones you reject for what we speak,
Because the truth must be spoken.

And no one wants the truth.
Because Jesus was rejected,
So we will be too.
We’re the ones who don’t care what you think,
As long as you know the truth,
And you know what we’re for.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

3 responses »

  1. I read this to my older sister, and she said except for the way it reminded her of high school, it wasn’t bad at all.

    I agree. It’s very beautiful, I feel it’s about the way we all try to send a message, then get caught in the imperfection of language and interpretation and how easy it is not to tell the truth … and, when it is told, not to value it, and to judge it in an attempt to escape our own shortcomings.

    But I also ever so slightly disagree. I don’t think that absolutely no one wants the truth. I love the truth, I even love different versions of the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard, but I always try to welcome it. When I can’t without hurting myself too badly, I replace anger or a yearning for evasion with sorrow, and replace sorrow with more determination to speak the truth,

    Perhaps everyone just wants their own truth.

    Thank you for this poem, it made me think. When I clicked on your link, I didn’t expect something as profound as I discovered here. I am glad you are a member of Jingle Poetry, it will bring more traffic to your site, and I’d love to see other people enjoy your great writing.

    This is probably the longest, corniest comment I ever wrote, so I’ll stop writing now. Great poem!

    ~ Imagination

  2. sad, powerful, and beautiful.

    keep it up.

    join us tonight.

  3. Jingle says:

    powerful writing…

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