Pain spread through her body,
Pushing against her soul.
Tears jerked from her eyes,
Taking their tole.

The earth shook violently,
Mountains fell to the ground,
Rocks raced each other down,
Everywhere echoed the sound.

She looked up and gasped,
She reached out her hand,
She glared in the distance,
Then started to stand.

Ocean tides rose,
And collapsed on the shore.
The earth trembled and quaked,
It shook to the core.

Her legs gave way,
She fell back on her face.
She pushed off the floor,
Without ellegance or grace.

Thunder roared and rain pelted,
Trees crushed eachother flat,
The flowers all cowered,
Each time the ocean’s tide spat.

She closed her eyes tight,
And spoke in a whisper,
Then she looked up to Heaven,
Claiming He loved her.

For a moment the moon froze,
The stars’ twinkles paused.
The violent disruption,
Was just naturally caused.

She stood on her feet,
Her pain the least of her fears.
She stood with much confidence,
As her sleeve wiped her tears.

The waters resided,
And the earth stopped it’s shaking.
The trees remained grounded,
The mountains stopped breaking.

She spoke with a whisper,
She said with a sigh.
Her stand on her own,
Even if it meant goodbye.

The flowers peaked up,
The sun started to rise.
The moon went to rest,
Where the horizon so lies.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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  1. Imagination says:

    Loved it! Though I did not miss the spirituality, I love the way it is also explained that she must make a stand and consciously decide to make things better in order to open her heart to her faith and truly enjoy the capacity to believe in herself and believe in … well, belief. The imagery is -stunning-. My favorite –

    Thunder roared and rain pelted,
    Trees crushed each other flat,
    The flowers all cowered,
    Each time the ocean’s tide spat.

    Also, the pattern of rhyme and rhythm looks like it took a lot of effort to perfect. If it didn’t, great! That would have taken effort for me, but I know all writers are different. It looks like it would make a good song, too…

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