I can’t seem to find the words,
To express the feelings I’m prone to hide.
It’s not that I don’t want to,
And I swear it’s not that I’ve never tried.

I just know that something’s wrong,
And I know deep down there’s something that isn’t right.
There’s this feeling turning in my gut,
Telling me I don’t belong; I’m only born to fight.

This depression’s creeping through my soul,
Over taking every thought inside my mind.
I’m dying slowly bone by bone,
Soon there will be no life left for anyone to find.

So now I’m broken and I’m crying out,
I can feel every ounce of myself falling apart.
I’m screaming because there has to be,
At least some way to piece together my formless heart.

I know there has to be hope,
And deep down I know I wasn’t made to just die.
There’s gotta be more to my life,
Than believing that truth is the same as any lie.

I’m so done with empty hopeless dreams,
Nothing here could make me want to stay asleep and longer.
But I can’t quite figure out,
How to wake up; I just need something stronger.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

3 responses »

  1. Reflections says:

    Powerful piece. Truly the depths of loneliness, never feeling quite right. You captured this very well.

  2. “I’m dying slowly bone by bone” Powerful line I love this it really conveys a sense of hopelessness but also an intensity of negative feelings. Having been Depressed my whole life really as far back as I recall I really relate strongly with your poem. It is very hard to convey those feelings and very painful to sit with them and look at the up close. I think writing about it though is a good start.

  3. Jingle says:


    Bless you.
    keep us inspired.

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