My heart beats.
I release a sigh.
My chest tenses.
I start to cry.
I can’t speak now.
I can not express.
I’ve fallen apart.
I’m such a mess.
You know my secrets;
You know my pains.
You know I hide.
I cover up my stains.
Is there any hope left?
Any inspiration for me?
I’m far too broken now.
Too blind yet to see.
I keep going steady.
Where does this lead?
I’m sure I know this.
And it’s not what I need.
I feel emptier and broken.
With each step I take.
I stumble and fall down.
I tremble and shake.
This path’s not meant.
For the likes of my kind.
I swear I’m not ready;
I’m losing my mind.
But perhaps that loss.
Is what I need right now.
To understand the truth.
I wonder how…
How can I be here.
Every single night?
These feelings so wrong.
I’m sure nothing is right.
But I won’t give up yet.
I won’t stop and ponder.
I feel my heart steady.
Though my mind does wander.
Perhaps I should turn back.
This direction feels hopeless.
I feel my fears build up.
I tense up in distress.
This is not the way I meant.
Surely I can turn back.
I press to change direction.
But the strength I so lack.
I scream out in hurt.
I beg, cry and plead.
I must turn around.
That’s what I need,
I sense hope still exists.
In the other direction.
I may be falling to pieces.
But I sense His perfection.
And as my heart stops.
I collapse to the floor.
And when I open my eyes.
I’ll be with Him once more.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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