I’m no more than anything I can dream.
And lately all my dreams have been far closer to nightmares.
If there’s an ounce of hope left for me…
I’ve lost it along with every thought and all my cares.
You couldn’t bring me to dream on my own.
I’m left lifeless sucking dreams out of the fears I hold.
I lay idle like a zombified mass.
My limbs are numb and my flesh feels cold.
I can’t feel the beating of my heart.
But I keep getting by day in and day out.
Whimpering occasionally when I’m sick of this.
But I’m never quite brave enough to shout.
I feel isolated from every other person here.
I look like them but something is wrong.
I feel like I am falling apart and decaying.
I swear I’m fine, I try to blend in and play along.
I’m just waiting for someone to show me it’s alright.
That I can actually be myself around the people who care.
But most the time I feel like I’ve mutated so much no one does,
I’m stuck in a place where everyone’s screaming it’s not fair.
I’m dying inside and people are starting to notice.
But to my relief and dismay they ignore me all the more.
Things progress to make my numbness grow.
The decaying and emptiness increases far more than before.
I’m left crying on my own when no one is looking.
But I put on this mask of pretend emotions when they see me.
Because if anyone knew the depression held with in,
I’m sure they’d treat me like some sort of mutilated zombie.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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