I’m just an image;
Someone you see,
On the outside perhaps,
But you don’t see me.
The latest trend,
Seems to be,
Hurting and lying,
With uncertainty.

Perhaps you feel the need,
To ask how I am doing.
But I swear you’ll never know,
I’ll just keep on lying.
Persistence is futile,
When I’m still denying,
The existence of hope,
Some where, deep, hiding.

You can keep pressing,
Until you can say no more.
The words you speak,
They’re no different than before.
Your voice grows weak,
Your throat and lungs now sore.
You wait for me to understand,
To see fruit of what I’ve swore.

I swore to you I’d do this,
I swore to you I’d be fine.
I swore to you I’d make it,
And make these choices mine.
I swore to you I’d change,
I swore to you I’d consign.
I swore to you I’d stop it,
And to these thoughts confine.

I guess you expected me,
To follow through.
You thought the things I said,
Were the things I’d do.
The words I spoke,
You hoped them true.
But broken promises;
They’re nothing new.

Now with these actions,
This feeling of guilt.
It takes it’s place,
On problems built.
My excuses come forth,
But then wobble and wilt.
They stand no chance,
Against His blood ’twas spilt.

I realize perhaps I’m wrong.
Tears fall down my face.
For one like me,
Where is there grace?
I step forward with shame,
Bloodied hands and disgrace,
But I hear you say these things,
They are forgotten in this place.

So One offers me hope.
And offers retries.
One offers forgiveness,
With repentance of lies.
One comes to our side,
And hears all our cries.
One offers us life,
As every soul dies.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

2 responses »

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely flow..

    God is divine, bless you.

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