Yesterday I found a site. That makes my heart feel numbed, as if this couldn’t really be. Abortion is a serious mistake. One that can scar both the mother and the father. Mostly, it scars the child, either by death, or mistaken survival. Life begins at conception. Please help save the baby who is tied in the middle of what I have heard is everything from a media stunt, to a real life situation. I’m not going to risk ignoring it as a media stunt, if it honestly is going to save this baby’s life. I think it wrong to put a choice on a poll like that, but now that it’s done, we can only try to save this baby. You can only chose for yourself. And choosing an abortion, is choosing for another, not yourself.

Save the baby, click here.

Some say it starts after it arrives.
But in simpler terms,
What starts when it is fully pieced together?
A painting is still a painting,
While the artist is painting it.
And when that artist is God,
The painting is never a mistake.
It is never flawed.
Would you deny a child life,
If you heard it’s cry?
But you feel it growing…
Who are you to control it’s life?
You say, my body, my child,
This makes it my choice.
But it’s the child’s body you’re destroying.
Who’s to say said child,
Won’t grow up to better the world?
Abortion is killing,
The most innocent of lives.
The lives that never got to hurt someone,
Never by choice.
Never had a choice of anything.
Never got the chance to see this place.
Not a rainbow or a mountain.
A flower or it’s parent.
Do you know the guilt that comes?
With killing one so innocent?
Do you remember the pain of losing one?
And now imagine the guilt and endless sorrow,
Of causing this yourself.
Words could not express,
The pain abortion brings.
The death it causes millions,
Throughout our existence.
This could be the life,
To make a difference in the world.
This child could grow to be the difference,
In people’s lives.
One life,
To prove a point?
One life,
To make a difference.
If you let it.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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  1. Jingle says:

    powerful message,

    poets rally awards posted…

    if possible, support JP by linking in a poem to potluck poetry today…

    love your new blog template.
    the lights are glittering and beautiful.

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