She cries in fear.
A life inside.
What has she done?
Feeling desperate.
This wasn’t the plan…
Feeling despair.
She’ll do what she can.
It’s her own choice.
She whispers low.
Ignore it’s voice.
It shall not grow.

What is it?
A child, a life.
The unborn.
The voiceless.
Silence it now?
A tinge of guilt…
No, ignore it.
It’s not alive.
Not yet…
Is it?
The child…

A heartbeat.
A baby’s life.
She cries in shame.
What will she do?
She feels guilt.
She feels pain.
End it now?
End it’s life…
That’s what they say,
What they suggest.
It’s for the best…
Ignore the rest.

He has a say.
It’s his child, too.
What if he cares?
No one cares.
No one offers him,
The choice of his own kin.
His baby, her baby.
But only she gets to say?
What about the baby?
I’m sure it wants to live…
If it had a voice…
If you let it.

The heartbeat…
A few weeks…
The little feet…
More weeks…
Tiny fingers…
Tiny toes…
Little eyes…
A little nose…
Let it live.
Let it speak.
Let it grow…
Let it love and be loved.

What does it have?
And that you wish to take.
Innocent life.
Love it.
Your child.
It already has life.
You made your choice.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

6 responses »

  1. Very bold subject, I enjoy. Stanza 4 makes a valid point clear. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. 2zpoint says:

    No truer words said. But it is a hell that torments many daily. Absolutely worthy and a stand that you can hold your head high for. Excellent topic.

  3. notjeffery says:

    I’m with you.
    Pro-life all the way.
    Abortion makes me sick to the stomach.
    You’ve touched me yet again.

    Peace to you and yours,

  4. dancingfreak says:

    wow!!! so deep is the feelings…

    the true horror can be imagined!!!

    well written 🙂

  5. Jingle says:

    I support your idea..

  6. Sarah says:

    Wow very moving! Im with you girl the hole way!!!!

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