You see me quietly sitting here.
Observing the way things are.
Smiling as the rain starts to fall.
Hands held out to catch each drop.
You know I’m filled with fear.
Remembering I’ve fallen so far.
And as I lean against the wall.
You feel inclined there to stop.

You were wishing I would speak.
And that you could speak to me.
But I’m as quiet as the past.
Once it’s been covered by lies.
You know my voice is weak.
Since I’ve been lost at sea.
And you hope my fear won’t last.
As you listen to my quiet cries.

You were thinking you could save me.
But never thought you knew how to.
And it’s the pain that brings me back.
To feeling like the only one around.
You were hoping maybe I could see.
That you’re honest and you’re true.
But the attention for such I lack.
Since I’ve been dragged to the ground.

You see the bitter sweet smile I hide.
There are hopes I hold not known.
Not a chance I’d share them with a soul.
There’s no one out there I could tell.
You want to get to me on the inside.
And show me that I’m not alone.
You want to replace what they stole.
Knowing the lies are the reasons I fell.

You want as badly as I to be together.
But maybe you’ve more courage than I.
For I’m far too afraid to admit things.
How often I long to be in your arms.
You simply ask about the weather.
And now you’ve got me hoping to get by.
With a flap of my broken bloody wings.
To escape from all this pain and all these harms.

You’ve got me dreaming of a better day.
A day that maybe I could spend with you.
And there wouldn’t be a thing to go wrong.
Because everything would be alright.
You would be there and you could stay.
I’d be wishing the dreams I had were true.
And we could be together all day long.
And you could hold me ’til everything was right.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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