She closed her eyes,
To look again.
With all her tries,
It finally came.
The mark to say,
That she was done.
There was no way,
She’d make it though…

With tear stained eyes,
She told her friends,
She’d had her tries,
And she was done.
She longed to say,
She was just afraid,
But there was no way,
She could tell them…

So with her head down low,
On the pillow to sleep.
She contemplated her actions,
As she started to weep.
With no way to make it out,
She’d cry and she’d moan.
Her will had turn from formable,
To as hard as stone.

She gave it one last thought,
Before she went to sleep.
Maybe there was a chance,
-Maybe she would take a leap-
Her heart skipped one beat,
And then one more.
There’s got to be a way,
For her to implore.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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  1. Good…thankz…..

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