Not too happy,
She runs to hide.
It’s been a while,
But she hasn’t lied.
So I guess it’s when,
So I guess it’s where,
She starts again.
Tension to release.
But she’s done so good,
She’s done so well.
Until now…
Her tears swell.
As does her wrist.
Pain she caused herself.
She makes a fist.
Wanting to release herself…
She hears a rumor…
A kid wanting just to die.
She hears a rumor…
Now she wants to try.
Holding herself beneath,
The surface for too long.
She tries again,
Yet she does it wrong.
She told her friend…
But she didn’t hear.
She’d tell another,
But she’s filled with fear.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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