She lays there.
Crying a river.
How could he?
Her bones shiver.
What caused this?
Does he know it?
Would he stop,
If her words fit?
Exactly in his mind,
For him to find.
To grasp from her,
His first child…
Does he know how,
She feels inside?
Knowing exactly,
What he tries to hide.
She can’t hate him,
He’s her dad.
But she feels pain,
And she feels mad.
Self hate,
Because that’s all,
She can manage,
Before she’ll fall…
Into the pit of denial,
Where pain strives.
To take her love,
Destroy lives.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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  1. wow this is deep. I feel sorry for the girl cause her dad you think she would trust to her rock and protector instead he is taking from her….

    • We’re all human and all make mistakes. My goal with this series of poems is not to make people feel sorry for the girl in these stories, reading on, as it progresses, you will see the change in the situations. I’m not done painting the picture, but, I assure you, when it’s done, I don’t want the dad to painted as the harmer, he is simply another person in life that has his own situations to also over come.

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