To any one that decides to care,
I write this letter of regrets to you.
Because I regret mostly everything,
Everything I’ve done and am about to do.
If you’re as smart as you’d like to be,
You would understand what I am saying.
If you had any idea at all who I really am.
You would understand I’m sick of playing.

I can’t stand to play these games any longer.
I hate the thought of letting these emotions win.
Maybe if I close my eyes and ignore the truth,
Everything will fade away and hide within.
I know it won’t go away if I simply ignore it.
But right now that seems to be my only choice.
What I want so badly is just to cave into this.
And I can’t ignore even a single screaming voice.

Forgive me if I hurt your feelings when I ask,
But have you ever really cared about me?
Forgive me if it feels as though I do not trust,
But maybe you’ve been mistaken with what you see?
I don’t mean to hurt you when I ask this,
But is there a possibility that you could love who I am?
Instead of faking every emotion you’re willing to show.
Can’t you see through my disguise, my sham?

To anyone that even cares the slightest.
I’m here right now and I’m hurting inside.
And to anyone who is willing to help.
I’m hoping I can be forgiven for each time I lied.
And anyone else still listening now.
I’m dying now for another chance.
And anyone still yet willing to look…
Just take my hand, help me up and watch me dance.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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