Written By: Sophie A. and Robin Elizabeth

Two poems telling the same story from two points of view. The victim (Robin) and the friend (Sophie).

***Content advisory: May be slightly disturbing***

~~An Empty Hope~~
Silently the tears fall,
The days slowly drift one by one.
To me, nothing matters at all,
The damage has already been done.

If any one could ever see,
Any thing I keep inside.
Maybe things would be different,
But for now, I shall simply hide.

I wipe the tears from my face,
As I feel my heart shrivel up.
My thoughts have the same effect,
As if I were drinking poison from a cup.

I watch everyone else happy and joyful,
Every one with a smile on their face.
But I just sit in my corner alone,
Feeling, knowing, I’m out of place

I cry in my corner where no one can see me,
I take out the blade that I hide up my sleeve,
Tight against my flesh ’til the blood flows out,
I’m hoping for once this makes my fear leave.

I feel like this stain of guilt is just as bad,
As the stain of blood now on the ground.
I move quickly to hide what I’ve done,
I can not be discovered with out being bound.

What sets you free and lets you be,
So happy in life and get through each day?
These cuts are no longer sufficing for me,
There has got to be a better way…

One more tear to fall down my cheek,
No one has to know how I feel anymore.
One more scar upon my heart, my wrist,
No one can open my unlocked door.

If someone just reached out and hugged me,
Grabbed my hand showed me how to heal…
If someone was just willing to stand up and tell me,
That there are far better ways that I can feel.

The smile on your face is tugging at my heart,
You make me curious as to what places it there.
While you smile with joy I can see a frown flicker,
Do you understand how I feel, even care?

I’d ask you for help if I thought you could,
But I’m not sure you would if you knew what I’ve done.
I don’t think you’d love me with all the pain I’ve caused.
After I tell you I’m sure, me, you will shun.

So now, with tears running down my face,
I will come to you hoping you will help me see.
I’ll tell you the truth and then I’ll disappear,
Knowing that if you care you will come after me.

Silently her tears fall,
The days slowly drift one by one.
To her, nothing matters at all,
The damage has already been done.

I see the pain through her eyes,
There’s no way she can hide it.
I see through her attempting lies,
She’s a lifeless fire that was never lit.

I try and try to help her,
But nothing works.
Love and care is no longer a cure,
Not when so much sadness lurks.

If I could take her place,
In a heartbeat I would.
If only I could see a smile on her face,
See her no longer misunderstood.

I see the deep cuts marked on her wrist,
A reminder of how much I failed to keep her happy.
I hope and dream that sadness would no longer exist,
But even my words that I write seem too sappy.

Depression has left a deep mark in her life,
And because of that it also has in mine.
I still pray for her to be free from this strife,
And through Jesus, that she would be fine.

I cling to Him in these dark hours,
And I hope she will too.
We can grasp His never faltering tower,
And together we can make it through.

Tears are relentlessly flowing now,
I want to grasp you in my arms.
I see your tightly knitted brow,
I want to protect you from all harm.

If only you could see and find,
The possible happiness around.
Look to God who is loving and kind,
And maybe happiness can be found.

Its killing me to watch you suffer,
The pain isn’t only present in you.
Maybe this experience will make us tougher,
But my fake smile tricked you too.

One can pretend to be content,
But I cant be fully happy when someone I love is not.
Maybe you won’t believe that I said what I meant,
But I won’t give up; this battle has not yet been fought.

I love you and I care about you,
No matter what has been said or done.
I will try until the end to help pull you through,
I would follow you into the sun.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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