Broken dreams she never wished were hers now fill her head and haunt her
soul until the day she dies and they escape her fragile body, fragile heart.

These horrid voices aren’t her own and don’t belong inside her mind where
they reside but she can’t seem to leave them behind as they tear her apart.

She just wishes for once she could see past the broken pieces of her life
shattered before her crying eyes and know that in the end she’ll be okay.

Right now all that crosses her mind are the horrors left behind for her to
find from the sleepless nights where all she could think of was running away.

She’d close her eyes and learn to love again if love wasn’t her biggest fear
holding her back from everything she knows deep down that she can be.

And she longs for you to open up your eyes and realize the demons chasing
her can so easily be defeated by another if they only took the time to see.

And this, alas, is her sea of emotions a bitter pain so unknown to any other
for when she smiles on as if it’s all alright she lies and she dies a little more.

And nothing more than this will she ever expect even when she longs to be
swept off her feet into the arms of a caring figure so she no longer feels sore.

The bitterness that follows the sweet, sweet taste of your dreams being
broken after promises are spoken is the happiness she often speaks of.

She can’t even imagine the hope in life when all she’s used to are broken
dreams and empty lies about how people feel and what they think, not love.

So smile a while longer until the tide rolls in to pull her away and take her
broken dreams along for the ride and to mask the pain she’s learnt to hide.

It’s alright for her to feel alone because she’s so used to it and knows no
other feeling than this loneliness we wouldn’t bear to think to hold inside.

So close your eyes and just pretend that everything will fall back into it’s
place as soon as you leave, shattering her heart once again to tiny little bits.

Just walk away once you tell your lie and let her drown in her own tears
because no one ever wants to stick around and make sure everything fits.

Her broken heart and empty dreams are all she’s ever had to hold onto and
even that isn’t worth holding onto but she won’t let go until she dies.

She’s tired of listening to all the words you have to say and all the motions
that you keep on playing as if you’re stuck on repeat as she buys your lies.

About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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