Forget the sounds you hear at night.
The ones that fill your soul with fright.
There’s something more than what we’re told.
Something here from times of old.
Listen closely to the words I say,
Repeat them swiftly without delay.
Don’t stop speaking ’til your heart is whole.
So there isn’t a chance you’ll lose your soul.

Forget the broken promises made long ago.
We were simply speaking of things we didn’t know.
Let’s start fresh and try once more.
Let’s make a life where we’re not so sore.
I think I’d like a second chance.
Maybe some time to take more than a glance.
There’s not a possibility I’ll die while I’m alive,
Not a chance I could fail while I still strive.

Forget the things you know aren’t true.
They try so hard to chasten you.
Things we can’t explain away,
Things we know are so cliche,
Things we wish to leave behind,
From times we know were not so kind,
Are like the bitter-sweet taste,
Of running away so that we’re chased.

Forget the dreams you wish you could,
Listen like you know you should.
For hopes are farther then you know,
So hold on tight and don’t let go.
Times of old have made us weak,
Like times of new have made us speak.
Sorrow fills the emptiness we call our souls,
But soon One will come to fill our holes.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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