One step at a time,
She set out on her way.
Not looking back.
She says she can’t stay.
Maybe that’s what’s wrong.
Why she’s lost on her own.
Why she cries every night.
And feels so alone.

She walks without looking.
Tripping more than not.
Though the Son is far and hidden,
Everything’s burning hot.
Without reason in her life,
She curses the skies.
She has nothing left,
But honest lies.

She tries to fit in,
Go with the flow.
She hates who she is,
It’s all just for show.
Inside she feels left out,
Becuase she knows what they say.
Why would they like her?
The girl who wondered astray.

Pain stabs her heart,
Not a chance she’ll make it tonight.
She already knows she’s lost.
Not a reason to fight.
Not a reason to try.
No one cares if she does.
No one cares who she is.
They only see who she once was.

Her past mistakes,
Still haunt her days.
She’d leave them behind,
But her heart decays.
She’s so confused,
So broken and tired.
With nothing left but pain,
The broken heart she’d acquired.

Light shine down on her.
Just a moment to let her see.
She’s so unsure,
Not a clue of who she’s to be.
Her heart cries out,
Her soul now longs.
To just feel loved,
Forgiven her wrongs.


About Robin Elizabeth

My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 21. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.

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